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      The Big Day - Prime Day

      Posted by James Hyatt on June 8, 2021
      In 2020, Prime Day garnered a whopping $10.4 billion in sales – that’s a 45.2% increase from the previous year. It would seem the pandemic has ...

      Boost your Marketing Strategies

      Posted by James Hyatt on June 4, 2021
      The competition gets even stiffer during Prime Day, so you need to properly utilize every marketing and sales tool in your arsenal to achieve the ...

      Multiple Ways to Attract Customers

      Posted by James Hyatt on June 2, 2021
      Customers will definitely be scouting out deals on Prime Day, so focus on offering great value to attract more buyers. Amazon will be getting a lot ...

      Optimize Your Best-Selling Listings

      Posted by James Hyatt on May 31, 2021
      Getting ready for Prime Day means auditing your best-selling listings. Here are some key areas you need to focus on to ensure your showrunners will ...

      6 Keys to Gain Repeat Clients

      Posted by James Hyatt on May 26, 2021
      Here are some important keys our team applies to gain repeat clients.

      Headhunter Case Study

      Posted by James Hyatt on May 24, 2021
      Transitioning from brick-and-mortar retail in the digital age comes with a lot of challenges. While many customers still prefer to deal with people ...

      Prime Day Ready?

      Posted by James Hyatt on May 21, 2021
      We're starting a Prime Day series to give you some insight that will help you prepare for Amazon's annual sales event!

      How Does Amazon Make People Click?

      Posted by James Hyatt on May 7, 2021
      How does Amazon get people to click that ADD TO CART button even if they’re not really into buying the product?

      Transform Your Products

      Posted by James Hyatt on May 3, 2021
      The arrangement of different design elements in your product photos is a big deal! A lot of times, people eat first with their eyes, so make sure ...