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    Amazon Brand Store


    Besides having Amazon A+ content, your brand can reach greater heights by having a branded Amazon Store.

    Amazon Stores allows sellers and vendors to set up a free online storefront for their brands. Sellers can experiment with custom layouts and premade templates to create an immersive and rich virtual shopping experience for their customers.



    The Benefits of Having an Amazon Brand Store

    Having an Amazon Store provides a great brand-centric shopping experience. Some of the key benefits of setting up your storefront include:

    • An enhanced user experience across mobile and desktop platforms
    • Better organic rankings on Amazon search engine page results, thus increasing sales volume
    • Opportunity to promote the brand to newer audiences
    • Opportunity to promote all your products to pre-existing customers
    • More options to enhance your brand image and build an emotional connection with customers
    • Increased number of repeat purchases and improved overall customer satisfaction
    • More effective advertising campaigns (linking your Sponsored Brand ads to Stores instead of product pages)

    How to Set Up an Amazon Brand Store

    Setting up your branded Amazon store is a pretty straightforward process.

    Step 1: Create a professional seller account.

    Step 2: Register with Amazon Brand Registry.

    Step 3: Create your store’s homepage with an appropriate template.

    • Go to “Stores” > “Manage Stores.” You will then be shown a list of your brands that qualify for a Store creation.
    • Choose from the list and follow the additional prompted steps.
    • Start designing your homepage by choosing a template.

    Step 4: Build your store pages. Create additional pages based on your best-selling products, deals, discounts, and more.

    Step 5: Add content tiles to every page. Content tiles include images, titles, product grids (example: best sellers), galleries, video, and navigation.

    Step 7: Upload your products. You can upload your entire product inventory in one go.

    Step 8: Submit your created store pages for review, then publish them. Click on the “Store Preview” option to see how your designed page will look. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, image inconsistencies, and issues with navigation. Once confirmed that everything looks good, submit the created pages for Amazon to review.



    Amazon Brand Store Templates

    Amazon Stores offer three preset templates that you can use straight away without any coding knowledge. You can use text, images, and videos to elevate the shopping experience of your customers, so pick wisely and customize smartly.


    1. Product Grid

    This design template is a great way to showcase your product selections in a grid format.


    2. Marquee

    This template offers some extra space for imagery and text for product descriptions.


    3. Showcase / Product Highlight

    This template is great for brands that need flexibility in creating a content-rich user experience. It allows brands to feature their product collection as well as provides a good amount of space for product information.


    What Can Amazon Brand Stores Look Like?

    Amazon Stores have multiple pages and every page has different content tiles.

    Below is an example of how your products can look on an Amazon Store.

    Best Practices When Designing an Amazon Store

    • Give your brand a cohesive look. Use a consistent palette of colors and ensure that all images look and feel the same.
    • Organize navigation by categorizing your catalog. The navigation should be simple enough for shoppers to find what they’re looking for without much effort.
    • Keep the content fresh. Update the store seasonally.
    • Use a variety of engaging content types (images and videos) to build your brand and differentiate from competitors Tell your story. Make sure your Store conveys your brand’s value proposition and story effectively.
    • Optimize for both mobile and desktop. Pay close attention to the way images and product tiles look and perform for mobile users as they do for those on desktops.
    • Integrate product promotions. Utilize built-in social sharing and promotional extensions to drive customers to your Amazon Store.

    How to Measure the Performance of Your Amazon Store

    The Stores’ “Insights” dashboard provides useful metrics such as daily visitors, page views, and sales generated from your Store.

    Amazon Brand Store Insights

    If you drive traffic to your store outside of Amazon, you can track those visitors by creating tagged URLs. These tags are basically URLs with code in them that Amazon can track.

    Challenges With Creating Amazon Brand Stores

    While setting up a branded Amazon Store is free of cost for sellers and vendors, it’s the creative assets and content copy that usually take a lot of time and effort to develop. It takes skill and experience to craft a visually appealing shopping experience, and like A+ content, it’s all subject to Amazon’s approval. Stores can and will be rejected due to guideline violations.

    Some common mistakes include:

    • Imagery issues with your page
    • Placement of a poor-quality hero image
    • A logo image that is not sized to a 1:1 ratio
    • Phone numbers and/or websites displayed on the page
    • Divulgence of personal information
    • Claims of product guarantees, such as warranties
    • Adding a link to a web page directing away from Amazon

    Need some help creating your own Amazon Store? Let’s discuss the next steps! We’re ready when you are.



    How Rank N Bank Can Help

    The best way to ensure that your Store is approved by Amazon is to work with professionals who understand the ins and outs of Amazon marketing.

    Our team here at Rank N Bank is happy to help you create an engaging, Amazon-approved Store that boosts your business. With the steep competition these days, an Amazon Store isn’t just “nice to have” – it is a critical element to make you stand out and encourage brand loyalty.

    Our Creative Process

    At Rank N Bank, we make sure that we properly showcase your product’s unique selling proposition and brand identity. Our process ensures that all the visuals and text used are effective in highlighting the uniqueness of your brand and what your product has to offer.

    Data-Gathering Process: We first gather all the crucial information about the brand and product to have a clear understanding of the product’s unique selling points and the company’s culture, mission, and core values.

    Content Wireframe and Client Presentation: We have developed a system to streamline our Amazon Store creation process. We prepare a content wireframe in the form of a Google Slides presentation to draft initial design and layout ideas for the client and designer to see. After the client provides approval or feedback, further instructions will be sent to the creative team to complete the project.

    Review, Revisions, and Approval: Each Amazon Store is subjected to multiple rounds of assessment (by both the team and the client) to check for errors or areas of improvement. Any revision must be approved by the client.

    Final Checks and Monitoring: Once approved, we check how everything looks on the live page to determine whether or not certain adjustments are needed. We will also monitor the results within the following few weeks to ensure that everything is going according to plan.


    Creating an Amazon Brand storefront can bring a lot of value to your business. While Store creation does take some time and effort, it’s absolutely worth it, especially if you’re keen on taking your business to the next level.

    To inquire about Amazon Brand Store or any of these services, book a call with us today!