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    Amazon Posts


    Amazon Posts

    Over the last few years, Amazon has continued to roll out features that allow sellers to publish branded visuals and creatively share their unique offering with Marketplace shoppers, from expanded A+ content capabilities to interactive Amazon Storefronts – and now with Amazon Posts.

    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 1
    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 2
    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 3
    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 4
    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 5
    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 6
    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 7
    Sugaring LA Amazon Post Example 8
    Seraphic Skincare Amazon Post Example 1
    Seraphic Skincare Amazon Post Example 2
    Seraphic Skincare Amazon Post Example 3
    Seraphic Skincare Amazon Post Example 4
    Seraphic Skincare Amazon Post Example 5
    Seraphic Skincare Amazon Post Example 6
    Seraphic Skincare Amazon Post Example 7

    What Is the Amazon Posts Program?

    Amazon Posts enables brand-registered sellers to share creative lifestyle images and product-related content. Similar to other social media platforms, Posts users will be able to scroll through your feed and click to your product detail pages. Essentially, the program is designed to help customers learn more about your products, as well as encourage them to browse and discover your brand story.

    Posts also allows brands to maintain consistent brand identity across their other social platforms, as sellers can repurpose published content from Instagram and Facebook posts for their Amazon feed.

    Who Is Eligible for Amazon Posts?

    Amazon Posts is only available for sellers who are registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry or Vendor, and you must also have an Amazon Store for your brand. The service is currently free to use.

    Where Do Amazon Posts Appear?

    Amazon determines where your posts will show up based on relevance and customer engagement. For now, these are the places where your Posts may be displayed:

    • Brand-owned detail pages: Displayed between the “Recommended” and “Questions” sections, this placement will help shoppers discover your other products.
    • Related product detail pages: Your product can be displayed on your competitor’s pages. However, this means that your competitor’s products can also be shown on your page.
    • Brand’s curated content feed: This is the vertical feed of related posts displayed below yours (and vice-versa) when you click on Amazon Posts.
    • Category feed: These are posts for products tagged similarly by Amazon. This is the vertical feed shown after clicking one of the category tags.

    Unfortunately, you won’t be able to choose where your posts will be published. It is determined solely by Amazon.

    Why Use Amazon Posts?

    Increase Reach and Impressions

    The more places you appear, the better your chances of boosting your conversion. Leveraging this new capability will help increase your brand recognition. Use the power of lifestyle imagery to showcase your products and brand identity.

    Obtain Data and Insight into Your Customers

    Amazon Posts enables brands to view impressions, clicks, and clickthrough rates for featured products. These incredibly helpful metrics will help you understand your target market and guide you on what to do next.

    Increase Customer Engagement

    Growing customer retention will ultimately translate to better conversion rates, and Amazon Posts is a great way to build your brand followers and loyalists.

    Need a team who can help you craft your strategy, create content, and assist with execution of Amazon Posts?



    How to Create Amazon Posts

    You can launch your first set of Amazon Posts with these easy steps:

    1. Go to posts.amazon.com You’ll either see the Amazon Posts dashboard or be prompted to log in to your Amazon Seller Central account. If you see the login screen, just enter your credentials to load the dashboard.
    2. Create your profile In order to create your profile, you’ll need to verify your brand name and upload your brand logo. After that, you can immediately start building your first set of Amazon Posts.
    3. Click “Create Post” Click the “Create Post” button in the upper-right corner. You will then be directed to the Amazon Posts builder, which allows you to create and preview your posts.
    4. Upload your photo Upload a photo for your first Amazon Posts entry. Only one image is allowed per post. Also, keep in mind the following image requirements…

      • File format: JPG or PNG
      • Color format: RGB
      • Display aspect ratio: 1×1, 4×3, 16×9
      • Maximum file size: 100 MB
      • Resolution: 640×640 pixels or larger

      Note: Images cannot contain the following…

      • A call-to-action (CTA), like “Buy Now”
      • A brand logo or combination of logos
      • A cluster of elements, like highlighting multiple products in a collage
      • An animation

      Tip: Aim to use lifestyle images so customers can envision themselves using the product and make them feel connected personally to your brand.

    5. Add your caption Captions have a limit of 2200 characters. Captions for Amazon Posts must use language suitable for a general audience. Amazon offers some flexibility when it comes to captions – for instance, you can use emoticons and hashtags. Just remember to be consistent with your brand voice.
    6. Enter your ASIN Provide the appropriate link for your Amazon Post. This link will take shoppers to your product listing, so make sure your ASIN is correct.
    7. Submit your post Finally, you can preview and submit your post to Amazon. Double-check for any errors, then click “Submit for review.”

    You can create an unlimited number of posts, so take advantage of this feature to increase product and brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales!



    How We Do It at Rank N Bank

    Our Creative Process

    • Gathering data: Our first step in creating Amazon Posts is to gather all the important information and digital assets. This includes getting a product listing brief, checking out the website, having calls with the client, and securing high-resolution product images that our designer can use.
    • Content wireframe and client presentation: We’ve also developed a system to streamline our Amazon Posts creation process. We prepare a content wireframe in the form of a Google Slide presentation to draft the initial design, and caption ideas for the client to see.
    • Content creation: After the client provides approval or feedback, further instructions will be sent to the graphic designer to complete the project.
    • Image review, revisions, and approval: Each set of Amazon Posts images and captions is subjected to multiple rounds of assessment (both by the team and the client) to check for errors or areas of improvement. Any revision needs to be approved by the client.

    Ready to Use Amazon Posts?

    Although Amazon Posts is fairly new, it’s best to hop on the trend now and start getting results. Posts can help drive traffic to your product listings as well as boost brand marketing and sales. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to incorporate it into your current marketing strategy – our team can help you craft your strategy, create content, and assist with execution of Amazon Posts.

    Book a call with us today to learn more about Amazon Posts and the exciting ways to showcase your products on Amazon!