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Rank N Bank offers world-class Amazon growth marketing management and consulting services for successful grocery and CPG brands looking to boost sales and grow their consumer base through online channels.

Austin Anderson
CEO | Co-Founder

Midwestern roots. My beginning starts in Sedalia, Missouri. In 2011, I continued my entrepreneurial journey and moved out to where I live now, in beautiful sunny San Diego.

When I moved to California, I always craved my favorite local flavors and hometowns foods.
When I went online, I could never find my favorite brands that I immensely craved. So, every time I went to visit my family, I’d always have to pack my suitcase full of my favorite treats.
Some of my favorites are pimento cheese & peanuts from South Carolina, beef jerky from Texas and, of course, BBQ sauce from Kansas City.
 (*Note: If you do pack your bag with large amounts of BBQ sauce, it will be checked by TSA)
This happened for years.
Meanwhile, my experience selling online began back in 2008. I became hyper-obsessed with sourcing products, understanding online consumer behavior and the critical factors that made product sell.
Through the early years I launched multiple private label brands on eBay, Amazon, e-commerce platforms including jewelry, wooden apparel, beard grooming product and more. 
Building on that experience, I joined a small, fast growing SEO agency where I developed an extensive knowledge for how integral factors make search engines like Amazon & Google tick. Fast-forward 5 years, and in January 2018, James and I officially launched Rank N Bank with our mission to help our favorite local brands go global with Amazon.

James Hyatt
COO | Co-Founder

James was born and raised in San Diego, CA and early on developed a passion for advertising and marketing. 
He still remembers nights after dinner watching T.V. and dosing off during the show, but waking up wide-eyed and excited when the commercials played. 
He’d ask, “did you see that?" or exclaim, “how interesting!”. He was fascinated with how advertisements capture attention and persuade with words, pictures, and phrases. 
In 2014, his mentor encouraged him to start exploring selling on Amazon.
His research developed into a business with his mentor as an investor. James continued to spend his time and energy learning Amazon.
He started private labeling jump ropes and quickly began to realize he wanted to become an expert in the industry. 
After graduating from San Diego State University in 2015, he began working with a world class advertising agency. He worked with small mom & pop shops and household names sold in Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Costco.
While at the agency, he focused on paid advertising with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brands. 
He quickly became an asset for the clients he worked with and was consumed with becoming an Amazon expert.
In late 2017, James parted ways with the agency to start his own business. He had a vision to help clients dominate online retail through listing optimization, advertising management, and review generation.
Since starting Rank N Bank in 2018, James & Austin have focused on working with clients whose products they believe in. 
James now wakes up every day stoked to work and feels personally invested in his client's success.





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