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    What is A+ Content/Brand Story?

    You’ve probably heard before that you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. This is also true on Amazon – it only takes 7 seconds for customers to decide whether they like or trust your brand after learning about it for the first time.

    Customers care about brands. It’s not enough to deliver quality products and services; customers these days want to feel connected to a brand. They want to share in its narrative. They want something they can relate to and is reflective of their shopping habits.

    Amazon has been giving companies more branding tools, and the e-commerce giant has now made it easier than ever to share more information about brands through A+ content and the Brand Story feature.

    Amazon’s A+ content is a free service that allows sellers to enhance their product detail pages through rich text and multimedia content, such as images, videos, comparison charts, and more. Not only are sellers able to showcase their products, they are able to convey their brand identity as well.

    Brand-registered sellers can also access the Brand Story feature under the A+ Content Manager to further boost their brand’s memorability. It has been updated with more module choices and a greater ability to customize.


    Technical and Eligibility Requirements

    In order to take advantage of the additional visual content using A+ and Brand Story features, sellers need to be registered with and approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry.

    Eligible sellers can then add said exclusive features to any ASIN they own, and it can be added to both parent and child ASINs.

    You must have an active registered trademark in order to qualify for Amazon Brand Registry.


    Advantages of Having A+ Content/Brand Story

    1. Presents opportunities to cross-sell and upsell

    Both the Enhanced Product Description and the Brand Story features under A+ content offer modules that enable sellers to display more of their product lines, such as the Comparison Chart in the traditional A+ content, and the Brand Carousel Background for the Brand Story section.

    The Comparison Chart module can be used to highlight your own products that might complement the featured product or help create a set.

    The Brand Carousel Background provides an option to add a background image that will serve as a base for all the Brand Story modules. This format makes scrolling seamless for the user. It is an effective way to display images showcasing other products of the same brand.

    Here’s an example showing the Brand Story section we built for one of our clients:


    2. Aids in search engine optimization (SEO)

    You can use written text in A+ content to rank for keywords not initially covered in your listing’s title, bullets, and description. There are also image keywords on the backend you can fill out to add more related keywords you might have missed in your written content.

    3. Humanizes your brand

    The Brand Story section is a great avenue to tell your company’s story, highlight your mission and values, talk about the people behind the products, and be transparent about what you offer. It helps you connect on a more person-to-person level. This emotional connection can be extremely helpful for smaller brands that have yet to make a mark in customers’ minds.

    4. Highlights what sets you apart

    You can show competitive advantages and enhance unique value propositions by showcasing your solutions to the customer pain points. Ultimately, A+ content and Brand Story modules help increase brand awareness as well as reinforce customer loyalty.

    5. Lowers the bounce rate and returns

    Amazon reveals that adding A+ content boosts sales by up to 10%. Essentially, the captivating photos and powerful copy help reel customers into your brand story, reducing the bounce rate. Additionally, when you provide customers with detailed information about the product, the returns, exchanges, and bad experiences will be reduced drastically.

    6. Drives quality reviews

    Since A+ content and Brand Story make the purchase and user experience better, they effectively drive good feedback and reviews, which in turn helps boost conversion rates and ranking.


    A+ Content/Brand Story Best Practices

    • A/B testing - You can split-test module placement, image/text content, and more to ensure your listing will get a favorable response from your customers. Split-testing content eliminates the guesswork and gives sellers the upper hand in producing content that actually converts. Ensure to revise the descriptions, images, and layout using the data you’ve collected from your testing.
    • Adding image keywords image - Image keywords, or alt-text, has always been a feature when uploading images to A+ content. While the image keywords don’t appear on the detail page, they can help your products with search engine optimization (SEO).
    • Using modules to sell your other products As mentioned earlier, there are a few modules that allow you to add in different products, such as the Comparison Products module. Use them to interlink product pages or incorporate alternatives and/or complementary items in your product range.
    • Customizing questions - Once you’re on the Brand Story screen, you’ll see a list of questions that will help shoppers get to know you and your brand better. Now you can customize the questions to add uniqueness to your brand story.
    • Using crisp and compelling images - Be sure to use only high-quality images, videos, charts, and product descriptions to catch customers’ attention. Make sure your imagery communicates your brand and product benefits effectively.
    • Being concise - Avoid flowery language. Explain your mission and how your products can help people in a clear and concise manner. Customers don’t like reading through chunks of texts, so make everything accurate and skimmable. If customers spend more than a minute trying to figure out what your product does, they’ll likely just leave.
    • Using cohesive designs - Your design reflects your brand, so make sure to keep the design uniform across your sales page.
    • Utilizing modules properly - It can be helpful to look at the A+ content of competitors or well-known brands to help you form an idea of which modules should be used for which types of content, and which modules make sense for which products. Make sure that each module focuses on a specific point. Don’t string together several modules conveying the same message.

    Here are some examples of how we utilize different A+ content/Brand Story modules:

    Challenges in Creating A+ Content/Brand Story

    While A+ content is free of cost for sellers and vendors, it’s the visuals, creatives, and content copy that usually take a lot of time and effort. Moreover, A+ content is subject to Amazon’s approval – sometimes listings get rejected, causing delays in listing posts. Some of the most common reasons for rejection include using poor quality images, adding external links, having content that’s too promotional, or adding any warranty/guarantee/satisfaction claims, as well as including positive reviews or offensive content.

    And since it’s an exclusive feature for brand-registered products, not all sellers on Amazon can create their own A+ content – books, music, video, and DVD (BMVD) products do not qualify for A+ content.

    Not sure how to demonstrate your brand story, value proposition, and credibility to convert leads and nurture existing customers?



    How Rank N Bank Can Help

    Every brand has a unique story. Here at Rank N Bank, we have always stressed the importance of Brand Stories to our clients in order to increase trust, awareness, and brand loyalty. A+ content can be an investment, but it’s critical to understand how it all works together. We offer expert help on A+ content creation that can save you time and money by cutting down on resubmissions. We are equipped with both creative and technical know-how when it comes to Amazon-specific details, layout, and design.

    Our Creative Process

    At Rank N Bank, we make sure that we properly showcase your product and brand’s unique selling proposition. Our process ensures that all the visuals and text used are effective in highlighting the uniqueness of your brand and what your product has to offer.

    • Data-Gathering Process: We first gather all the crucial information about the brand and product to have a clear understanding of the product’s unique selling points and the company’s culture, mission, and core values.
    • Content Wireframe and Client Presentation: We have developed a system to streamline our A+ content creation process. We prepare a content wireframe in the form of a Google Slides presentation to draft initial design and layout ideas for the client and designer to see. After the client provides approval or feedback, further instructions will be sent to the graphic designer to complete the project.
    • Image Review, Revisions, and Approval: Each section of the A+ content/Brand Story is subjected to multiple rounds of assessment (by both the team and the client) to check for errors or areas of improvement. Any revision must be approved by the client.
    • Final Checks and Monitoring: Once A+ content is approved, we check how everything looks on the live detail page to determine whether or not certain adjustments are needed. We will also monitor the results within the following few weeks to ensure that everything is going according to plan.


    A+ content and Brand Story features are just two of the many free tools at your disposal to help enhance your product detail pages. Customers are more likely to purchase from brands that have rich content over competitors who lack the same standards.

    Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity! Start establishing your brand identity through your content. Demonstrate your brand story, value proposition, and credibility to convert leads and nurture existing customers. Not sure how?

    To get the most out of Amazon A+ content and Brand Story, we recommend partnering with professionals skilled at navigating Amazon’s ever-changing marketplace. We specialize in crafting cohesive, effective, and high-quality Amazon imagery, titles/descriptions/bullets, keywords, and A+ content.

    To inquire about A+/Brand Story or any of these services, book a call with us today!

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