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    Product Listing Optimization


    Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services

    Want to sell more on your Amazon store but not sure where to start? Then you are in the right place. We offer dedicated, cost-effective, and results-oriented Amazon listing optimization services. Let us help you craft data driven listings, maximize keyword coverage, boost your rankings, and achieve greater conversions.

    Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services

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    The Rank N Bank Process

    Here’s a short rundown on how we’ll kickstart your listings with professionally-crafted sales copies and imagery.


    Step 1: Data Gathering

    • Listing brief call

      We’ll schedule a call with you so we can discuss your company and product offering in detail. This will help us fully understand the product and its unique selling points, story behind your brand, your company’s mission and vision, and determine the type of competition in the market.

    • Amazon listing audit

      We primarily focus on three areas: keyword optimization, sales copy, and images. This step will help identify areas for improvement that will greatly affect your conversion rate, profit, and overall sales figures.

    • Website check

      We’ll also take a closer look at your website to learn more about your brand and product line. It will help us get a better understanding of your brand voice and style as well.


    Step 2: Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

    • Comprehensive market and competitor analysis, and keyword research

      We’ll use up-to-date tools that will help us determine the most suitable mixture of keywords for your product, as well as ensure that all relevant keywords are covered. We’ll conduct thorough research so we can devise a listing optimization strategy tailored to your specific needs.

    • Content Research Template (CRT) creation

      We’ll then proceed with the creation of a Content Research Template, which will serve as a detailed guide for our creative and content team in creating the text content for your product. Generally, this document contains instructions on keyword use and placement, and messaging.


    Step 3: Listing Text Content Creation

    • Create optimized title, bullets, description, and backend search terms following the CRT

      We have a team of experienced copywriters who will ensure we craft properly optimized listing text content that reads good and accurately reflects the tone of your brand. We always strive to get the perfect balance between keyword optimization and persuasive, easy-to-read copy. Our main goal is not just to rank higher, but to convert those clicks into sales.


    Step 4: Listing Images and A+ Content Wireframe Creation

    • Create a Google Slide presentation to draft initial design ideas. Subject to client approval.

      In this step, we’ll develop a plan to properly showcase your product’s main benefits and features through high-quality, engaging imagery. Similar to how we create the Content Research Template, we’ll craft a Content Wireframe for all the images to be used in your listing. This will guide the designers in creating the required imagery for the product listing and A+ content.


    Step 5: Listing Images and A+ Content Creation

    • Create quality graphics for the listing and A+ content following the approved content wireframe.

      Our team of graphic designers is well equipped with the skills and tools necessary to create a complete set of images that effectively captures all the core features and benefits of the product. Aside from the technical requirements, our designers understand what makes great imagery that can help boost sales and conversion.


    Step 6: Review, Revisions, and Approval

    • Get Client Approval

      All listing texts and graphics will be subjected to multiple rounds of assessment (both by the team and the client). This way we can check for errors or determine areas of improvement. We’ll then go through all the feedback and execute revision requests.


    Step 7: Dummy Listing Creation

    • Create a dummy listing after the final copy/artwork has been approved by the client. Brand name won’t be included.

      A dummy listing will not actually become visible on Amazon. We do this to check for any potential error that may lead to listing suppression and other unexpected issues. This step will serve as an early warning for us so we can do the necessary adjustments to avoid restrictions that would negatively affect your current listing.


    Step 8: Listing Update and Monitoring

    • Edit actual product listing

      Once everything is good with the dummy listing, we’ll then update the actual product listing. After which we will check if changes are reflected in the live detail page. We do this very carefully and do cross checks to avoid any error.

    • Monitor the results within the next couple of weeks

      We like to track progress. We also monitor results within the next few weeks to ensure that the listing looks good after the implemented changes. This is an important step because it helps both us and the client make smarter decisions in the future. No need to make second guesses as everything will be based on data.


    Step 9: Evaluation

    • Track key performance indicators to determine listing optimization efficiency

      This will help us determine if supplemental strategies are needed to boost listing performance. We will also propose adjustments or new strategies if further work is needed. It is critical to continually monitor performance as Amazon has high expectations for sellers.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Like you would do search engine optimization (SEO) for your websites and pages for search engines such as Google or Bing, Amazon SEO is specifically for Amazon. When you implement Amazon SEO, you optimize your product listings so you can rank higher on the search results page for related keywords and search terms.

    While you can undertake this process to Amazon SEO your product listing, you can hire an Amazon Advertising Agency like Rank N Bank. These agencies are the experts, they have tried and tested methods to ensure your product listing is as optimized as it could be for the best return on investment (ROI), and they help you grow your business and improve your revenue through proven strategies.

    If your product listings are not fully optimized, it may mean that your listing:

    • Is keyword stuffed
    • Contains promotional statements, which are against Amazon’s terms of service
    • Is information bare
    • Doesn’t show relevant product and lifestyle images to make your products more shoppable
    • Has weak product features and these mention subjective or time-sensitive comments
    • Includes special characters
    • Doesn't have any favorable reviews

    If your product listing isn’t optimized, does that mean you should just give up? No, definitely not.

    With the right Amazon Advertising Agency by your side, your product listings can be optimized to attract organic traffic, improve your keyword rankings in Amazon’s search results, and more.

    For anyone not trained in the art and science of Amazon SEO, a typical listing optimization could take you forever. You need to test various strategies to see what does and doesn’t work, make and document changes, test, and repeat the process.

    However, getting the help of Rank N Bank, an Amazon Advertising Agency, you will save time and money. Leave the hard work to the experts who can optimize one product listing in as little as four (4) service hours. If studio product photography, top 7 images design, and more is needed, then your listing optimization might take a bit longer.

    Hiring a freelancer on any of the open job marketplaces can be a hit or a miss. You are lucky if you find a real Amazon expert to help you increase your revenue and scale your business … but this may come after trying out freelancer, after freelancer, after freelancer.

    Your safest bet is to choose an Amazon Advertising Agency such as Rank N Bank. Of course, you need to check if they are reputable and find out just how “expert” they are in the services they provide. Luckily, this can easily be done by checking out reviews, seeing if they have a legit website, can answer your questions and share reports, implement white hat tactics and stay up-to-date with the latest innovations to help you rank, and if they have case studies to share.

    Seeing results depends on the agency and services you’ve opted in for. Should you choose Rank N Bank, you can expect to start seeing results within 90 days on average. Within this time period, we get your product listing indexed and ranked for additional relevant keywords; these, with the help of pay-per-click (PPC) ads, help you organically increase your product sales.

    Have some questions? Need to learn more about our processes and services? We’d love to hear from you.

    Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm makes it quite difficult to keep up. But don’t worry. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of product listing optimization. Let us show you how our adaptable strategies can help your business reach greater heights.