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    PPC Advertising Management


    Amazon Advertising Management Services

    Managing Amazon PPC campaigns is one of the most crucial elements to have a successful listing on Amazon. When done efficiently, PPC can help boost your visibility and sales.

    However, Amazon advertising can be overwhelming and challenging without proper knowledge and experience. With rising advertising costs, poorly-managed campaigns, and vague strategy, the amount of time and money spent can become taxing for many sellers.

    Don’t get too overwhelmed. You’ve come to the right place. We provide advertising management services to help you devise strategic solutions for your Amazon products. Our team of expert PPC specialists will ensure that you maximize your sales on Amazon while keeping your costs relatively low.

    Let us assist you in creating a framework that will drive results. Backed up by data and analytics. No guesswork.


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    The Rank N Bank Process

    Here’s a brief rundown on what we can do for your Amazon business.

    Product Listing Optimization


    1. Product Listing Audit

    We’ll conduct an extensive audit of your Amazon seller account and product page. This will help us identify the opportunities and issues for your business at Amazon. We’ll take a closer look at the following elements to come up with a detailed analysis and action plan that is custom-tailored to your target listing.

    • Title
    • Bullet Points
    • Price
    • Star Rating
    • Number of Reviews
    • Images
    • Variations (if any)
    • A+ Content / Brand Story
    • Backend Search Terms

    By doing this audit we will identify the potential issues that may hamper the visibility of your product pages in the search results.

    PPC Strategies


    2. PPC Strategies

    We’ll recommend a custom-tailored plan based on your unique business requirements, goals, and budget. We’ll work with you every step of the way in polishing your PPC campaign strategies.

    • Lower the ACoS

      ACoS is a key metric to measure the performance of an Amazon PPC campaign. When you invest in running sponsored ads, you must monitor this metric closely so you know whether or not your sponsored products are helping your business earn a profit. Some of the strategies we use to improve ACoS on Amazon include the following:

      1. Cut wasted ad spend on keywords / ASINs with no sales
      2. Cut bleeders on keywords / asins above 100% ACoS
      3. Decrease daily budget for campaigns with No Sales

      If you’re new to PPC, your ACoS may start off high when you’re first trying to figure out what advertising strategy to use. Don’t worry as we are here to guide you in developing campaigns that will lower your ACoS and drive more sales.

    • Increase Sales

      A good PPC campaign doesn't generate leads, it generates sales. Our PPC specialist will guide you in devising and implementing innovative and intelligent strategies to put your offerings in front of the qualified customer to gain sales. Here are a few approaches we employ to get the most out of your PPC advertising:

      1. Decrease daily budgets for campaign with low conversion rate and over 100% ACoS
      2. Increase budget for campaigns with below target ACoS
      3. Increase bid for keywords/asins with below target ACoS
    • Scaling up of Advertising

      We’ll also guide you in growing your PPC efforts. We’ll help you find ways to continue to improve your good-performing ads while leveraging PPC campaigns to stay in front of customers who have engaged with your brand. We also use the following strategies in optimization.

      1. Harvest Converting Search Terms and Launch Harvest Campaigns
      2. Offensive Campaigns
        (ex. Our brand is Pepsi, we will target directly the Coca-Cola -- ASIN)
      3. Defensive Campaigns
        (ex. Our brand is Pepsi, we will protect our listings and brand -- ASIN)
      4. Keyword Research
      5. Launch All Campaign Types
    PPC Calendar


    3. PPC Calendar

    Here’s how a typical advertising management schedule looks like here at Rank N Bank:

    • Mondays: Bid Optimization
    • Tuesdays: Keyword Research
    • Wednesdays:
      1st and 3rd Wednesdays: TTF / Cut Wasted Ad Spend
      2nd and 4th Wednesdays: Harvest converting Search Terms
    • Thursdays: Weekly Report
    • Fridays:
      1st Fridays: Monthly Report
      2nd to 4th Fridays: Launch New Campaigns

    4. Reporting and Calls

    We also conduct regular reporting and calls with clients to discuss improvements, challenges, and solutions.

    Twice a month:

    2nd Friday of the month – discuss Monthly Report
    4th Friday of the month – discuss Weekly Report

    5. Leave it to the Experts

    Managing PPC campaigns requires comprehensive know-how of the Amazon platform. Given its ever-changing algorithm, placing sponsored ads strategically can be quite tricky. To minimize risks, leave the advertising management to the experts here at Rank N Bank.

    Get found, get sold.

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