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    Harnessing the Visual Edge: Elevating Your PPC Ads with Videos on Amazon

    Harnessing the Visual Edge: Elevating Your PPC Ads with Videos on Amazon
    Posted by James Hyatt on January 5, 2024

    Video is the most effective content type, with 88% of people saying that after watching a brand’s video, they’re most likely to be persuaded to purchase. This growing trend of video advertising can help you connect with consumers on a deeper level and improve customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

    PPC Video ads for customer engagement, conversion rates, and increased sales

    In this blog, we’ll explore the competitive advantage of videos in enhancing your Amazon PPC ads and how it can help make your ad campaigns more effective.

    Amazon Requirement Checklist for Video Ads on Amazon

    Before jumping into the creative process, there are technical aspects to take into account.

    Here’s a list of the key points to consider based on Amazon’s Creative Ad Policies:


    • Check that all the content in your ad has the right spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    • Make your video content comprehensible with or without audio. Include on-screen text if there are voiceovers or subtitles.
    • Use a language that matches the local region where your video will be shown.
    • Ensure that all on-screen text is large and easily readable, with a minimum font size of 30 points for legal or footer text.
    • Add captions to videos that heavily rely on a voiceover. Captions help ensure that shoppers never miss out on crucial information.
    • For timed text like closed captions or subtitles, use white text on a black bounding box set to 80% opacity.


    • Videos should be free from bars on any side of the content, such as letterboxing or pillarboxing.
    • It’s important to ensure that the video loads fully before being played, and it has no blank frames at the start or end.
    • Low resolution videos are not allowed (or those with blurry, pixelated, or confusing images).
    • Avoid abrupt endings in videos while actors are speaking or actions/movements are still ongoing.
    • Do not place logos or important information in the lower right-hand corner of the video.
    • Avoid incorporating black, colored, or blurred bars on any side of the video.
    • Ensure your brand logo is clearly displayed and easily noticeable in the video. You can feature it toward the end of the video.


    • The duration of the video should be between 6 and 45 seconds. It is recommended to aim for a duration of 15-30 seconds.
    • Customer reviews are not allowed, even if it's from Amazon.
    • The videos must not contain any mention of the website (Amazon or advertiser), and such references should be removed.
    • The use of Amazon trademarks, products, or references to Amazon products or services is not allowed.
    • Feel free to add approved CTAs like "Buy now" or "Learn more." Avoid using CTAs that resemble buttons or may lead to customer confusion, such as instructing them to click on a link below.
    • When making claims about your product, there must be support from a trustworthy third-party source to make it valid. The claim must be no older than 18 months.

    Amazon guidelines on promotional PPC Video ads

    3 Strategies for Creating High-Impact Video PPC Ads on Amazon

    1. Conceptualize Your Video Ad

      The initial step for creating a video ad is to plan your objectives. Choose whether you want to increase brand awareness or boost sales. Identify your target audience to tailor your messaging since the core message will make your audience buy your product.

      You also need to consider the video structure or the storyboard to capture your audience’ attention, the channels where you will distribute the videos, your budget, and the timeline.

      Once you’ve got a clear plan, it’s time to get started. Without proper planning, you might not be able to target your goal or create the ad that brings in new customers.

      PPC Video ad concept and planning to attract new customers

      Here’s a sample concept for a video ad:

      Product: Brand ZZZ Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

      Ad Objective: To drive more sales of the product

      Target Audience: Men and women between the ages of 18-45 who are seeking an effective solution for dandruff and scalp issues.

      Core message: (To target their pain point and solve a problem)

      "Say goodbye to dandruff and hello to healthy, flake-free hair with Brand ZZZ Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.”

      Video Structure and Storyboard:

      Opening shot: Show a person struggling with dandruff, scratching their scalp, and feeling self-conscious.

      Transition to problem-solving: Introduce Brand ZZZ Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as the solution.

      Showcase your product: Display the bottle of the shampoo and highlight its key benefits.

      Demonstration: Show a person using the shampoo and emphasize the refreshing feeling as they apply the shampoo to their hair.

      Call-to-action: Encourage viewers to try Brand ZZZ Anti-Dandruff Shampoo by offering a promotion or discount or directing them to a product page for more information and to encourage a purchase.

      You can include a link like “Order Now” or “Get Yours Now.”

      Distribution Channels: Amazon Advertising and social media platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram).

      Budget and Timeline: Allocate a budget for video production, ad spend, and monitoring. Set a timeline for concept development, scriptwriting, production, and campaign launch.

      By implementing this concept, you can create a compelling video ad for your brand and show it at the perfect time to the perfect target market for maximum impact.

    2. Do Keyword Optimization and Audience Targeting

      Keyword optimization and audience targeting for your PPC campaigns

      Your ad campaigns won’t be successful if you don’t target relevant keywords. Just like when you’re crafting your product listing, you also need to generate relevant and high-converting keywords for your ads to show on relevant searches and ad placement.

      Keyword research helps you understand the terms and phrases your customers are searching for when they’re looking for products. You can then use this information to tailor your content to what users want, improving their search experience and helping them find what they need quickly.

      To choose the right keywords:

      • Consider its relevance to your products
      • Assess its competition level for keywords in your industry or niche
      • Analyze its search volume to understand its popularity and potential reach
      • Ensure it resonates with user intent to drive actions
      • Check the cost and ROI to evaluate if they align with your budget

      Use keywords that are more specific and have lower competition, so they can help you target a more focused audience and improve the relevance of your video ad.

      For example, if you’re selling eyeglasses, using search terms like “prescription eyeglasses for women” or “polarized sunglasses for men” (depending on the unique selling proposition of your product) is better than just using broad keywords like “eyeglasses” or “sunglasses.”

      You can also use seasonal keywords, especially if you’re creating the ad for an event campaign. For instance, you can use “summer sunglasses for women” or “back-to-school prescription glasses.”

      Targeting options are used to reach more relevant subsets of the overall audience

      Once you identify the essential keywords, focus on naturally incorporating them in the video metadata, including the title, description, tags, captions, and other related content.

      With audience targeting, narrow down your ideal customers based on their gender, age, location, interests, and purchasing behavior. Targeting options are used to reach more relevant subsets of the overall audience. This will help you find the best customers, tailor your videos to their unique needs, and increase chances to engage them in your campaign.

    3. Craft a Compelling Copy and Visuals

      PPC ad copy best practices to increase click-through-rates

      Video ads can get your customers to stop scrolling and engage so ensure your caption and video script are catchy enough to keep them glued to your product or brand for longer.

      Make content that people relate to, offer something they want to learn more about, and that would spark conversation. If it doesn’t make an impact on their lives, they probably won’t click through.

      Here are the elements of a high-converting, catchy video ad caption:

      • Hook – A persuasive statement or question that could instigate curiosity.
      • Introduction of your product – Present your product and its unique benefits and features that will help solve your customers’ problem.
      • Problem or Pain Point – Identify the concerns/problems of your customers that your product can address or solve.
      • Solution – Explain how your product or service provides a solution to the problem or pain point.
      • Sense of Urgency – You can offer exclusive deals, special discounts, and time-limited offers to generate excitement among customers to act quickly.
      • Call-to-Action (CTA) – Add a clear CTA that communicates the next step, whether you want customers to visit your Amazon store or make a purchase.

      Remember to keep your captions short and readable. By adding these elements to your caption, you can directly communicate your message so viewers take the right action.

      Choose high-quality, visually appealing, and relevant images and clips to enhance the impact of your video ad.

      Show your product in action to visualize how it solves a problem or improves customers' lives. Ensure that you feature real people and real-life scenarios to get your message across.

    How high-quality visuals on videos can showcase your products on Amazon PPC advertising


    Video works. It is one of the most effective ways to promote your products, and with helpful insights and strategies to enhance your Amazon PPC ads, you can effectively create a winning video ad campaign, from idea to execution.

    Rank N Bank has partnered with many successful Amazon sellers to help them grow their sales and succeed. If you need expert support with your Amazon PPC ads, book a call with us today!


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