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    Amazon SEO: Why Does it Matter

    Posted by James Hyatt on March 30, 2023

    Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing product listings to help them rank higher in Amazon search results. With enough time, patience, and reverse-engineering, Amazon SEO can become one of the best tools to help drive more organic traffic to your product listings, increase brand visibility, and boost conversion rates as well as sales growth.

    The outset is simple – when a buyer searches for something on Amazon, your product should ideally be as visible as possible in those results. Generally, the higher you rank, the more selling potential you’ll have, and improving your Amazon SEO strategies is one of the most important steps necessary to make your product move up in search rankings (and grow sales).

    Amazon SEO Strategy: How to Increase Amazon Ranking

    There are various ways to improve your Amazon ranking. When it comes to success in Amazon SEO, quality and relevance are key – and the best way to get things started is by creating the best possible product listing.

    Amazon SEO Essentials - Killer Sales Copy

    A well-written sales copy can make the difference between you and your competitors. Be sure to have the following key elements for an optimized sales copy:

    1. Clear Product Title

      Titles are the first parsable piece of text your customers will read on your product listing; it should be clear, straightforward, and contain only the most important information about your offer. Amazon has Style Guides to help sellers structure their titles better, and writing a well-optimized title will increase your chances of generating sales.

    2. Compelling Product Description

      Product descriptions provide the best opportunity to persuade customers toward a purchase. To better optimize your listing description, take note of the following:

      • Expand on your product’s details and make its benefits a focal point of the text
      • Tell a story that shows exactly why people need your product in the first place
      • Make your sales copy readable by avoiding having large chunks of text – be as concise as possible
    3. Benefit-Driven Bullet Points

      Bullet points are yet another way to make a compelling case to your target customers. Here are a few tips to write bullet points that convert:

      • Do not just rewrite your description; instead, make a clear outline of the product’s best attributes
      • Focus on a single benefit per bullet point to entice buyers while not overwhelming them with details
      • Make sure your compelling set of bullet points does not exceed the character limit – no more than 1,000 characters.

    Amazon SEO Essentials - High-Quality Product Photos

    People are naturally drawn to visual imagery, so having high-quality product photos is crucial to the success of your Amazon listing. While this may seems obviou, many sellers still fail to realize just how vital product photography is in achieving favorable results – here are a few tips in order to showcase your products well:

    1. Take high-resolution images

      Ensure your products will be displayed in its best visual condition to give consumers quick information on your offering. Avoid taking blurry or low-quality photos as this might reflect poorly on your brand. Provide your target customers with clear, zoomable product images so they can easily see important details such as style, texture, patterns, color, etc.

    2. Find the right lighting

      While what might be considered “appropriate” lighting will depend on what product you have, the end goal should always be to make your product look as good as possible for your target market. This can be a tightrope act, however, because you want to ensure that you are still showing the product as naturally as possible to avoid false expectations about your offering. All in all, it is best to photograph your product as cleanly and appealingly as possible while avoiding the setup of false expectations.

    3. Take photos from multiple angles

      Give buyers a visual tour of your product! Your product listing photos should – where applicable – showcase a combination of both its exterior and interior look.

    Amazon SEO Essentials - Product Price

    Product price is one of the critical performance factors that helps in deciding a product purchase. Generally, you should always try to beat or match your competitor’s price. Buyers like comparing prices so if your product is highly expensive, customers will most likely choose your competition, especially if you don’t have unique product features to offer. So whenever you set the price for your product, make sure to check the competition for all the identical products.

    Amazon SEO Essentials - Product Backend Searches and Keywords

    These search terms are not shown on the live product detail pages, but usually are indexed by Amazon’s algorithm. That’s why it’s important to incorporate here the backend keywords or search terms that didn’t make it to your description or title, including misspellings (which customers tend to search highly for), translated words of your product, and associated synonyms your target customers might look for.

    Amazon SEO Essentials - Product Reviews and Ratings

    Don’t forget about product ratings and reviews – when it comes to Amazon SEO, these are all the more critical elements to be considered for better rankings! Because they influence click-through rates and conversions, the more positive a product is reviewed, the better its value is perceived. Most buyers will, in fact, check those little yellow stars on the listing when making a decision, so make sure to work on getting favorable reviews as it leads to higher click incentives.

    Most Common Amazon SEO Mistakes

    While on your journey toward total product listing optimization, be sure not to overlook other parts of Amazon’s processes, as they can cause a negative ripple effect on your sales performance; here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid to maintain a good Amazon SEO strategy:

    • Mismanaging product inventory. The purpose of SEO on Amazon is to boost your products’ exposure so more people can buy from you, but your efforts will be useless if you fail to streamline your inventory process. Be mindful of over- or understocking your inventory as it can have an impact on customer experience.
    • Not tracking your performance. It’s imperative that you track your performance regularly so you know what strategies are working vs. those needing some tweaking. Set a consistent schedule to check up on the key metrics of your listings and adjust your strategies based on these data.
    • Not adapting to policy and algorithm changes. Amazon’s search engine is incredibly intelligent, and its algorithm continues to learn over time. For this reason, you need to always learn and adapt to the changes. Above all, don’t get frustrated by these adjustments – rather, adapt your SEO strategies accordingly and overcome the curve
    • Not devoting time to do competitor research. Always take time to research the state of your competition on Amazon. Try to find loopholes in their product listings and fill those gaps on your own. Nothing should be off the table – consider fighting fire with fire – if you find something that works for them, try it on your Amazon listings as well.
    • You are not getting the help you need. While some experienced sellers can create an effective SEO strategy by themselves, many are still new and inexperienced. We regularly advise new or underperforming sellers not to try doing everything at the expense of their business – instead, they should seek help from the experts so you can steer their business in the right direction.


    Optimizing your product listing correctly will help improve your product’s discoverability. However, the roadmap to your Amazon success doesn’t end there – you need to keep up with the trends and algorithm updates to remain in the top results.

    Want help optimizing and maintaining your product listings? Let Rank N Bank guide you in keeping your listings on track! Our team of Amazon SEO experts have got you covered. Book a call with us today!


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    James Hyatt

    James Hyatt is the founder and CEO of Rank N Bank, an Amazon Advertising Agency that prides itself on quick, clear communication, transparent pricing, and industry-leading expertise. He graduated with a degree in Business Management at San Diego State University. A self-made entrepreneur, he has built Rank N Bank with no funding or debt, with the sole purpose to help clients grow their businesses profitably.

    Outside the business sphere, James is passionate about racing sports cars at the well-known Willow Springs Raceway, surfing the famous wave breaks on the East and West coast, and challenging himself out on the mountain trails around the U.S.

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