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    Savvy Shopper's Guide to Amazon's Subscribe and Save

    Savvy Shopper's Guide to Amazon's Subscribe and Save
    Posted by James Hyatt on October 22, 2021

    If you’re looking to save money, signing up for a subscription service is probably the last thing on your mind – but not all subscription services are bad for your wallet.

    The Amazon Subscribe & Save program offers consumers free shipping, discounted pricing, and the convenience of frequently scheduled deliveries on eligible products.

    With Amazon Subscribe & Save, you can save time and money when ordering daily essentials; in fact, you can save up to 15% on thousands of Amazon products! If you don’t have much time for in-store shopping or want some great deals for everyday necessities, Subscribe & Save is definitely worth trying.

    How Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Works

    Amazon’s Subscribe & Save is a program that allows consumers to set up regularly scheduled deliveries of basic essential items, such as groceries, personal care, baby essentials, vitamins, pet products, and household items. Aside from the convenience, you will also enjoy additional savings when you purchase an item using Subscribe & Save.

    After picking the items you want, just add them to your shopping cart, then select how often you want to receive those items. The amount saved per order can vary from 5%–15%. Amazon will send you an email reminder in advance showing the items, price, and any applicable discount each time you have an upcoming delivery.

    What Are the Benefits of Subscribe & Save?

    There are plenty of advantages to reap by subscribing to this program.

    • You can save up to 15% on a growing selection of top-rated Amazon products. Prime members can save up to 20%!
    • You're not locked in. You can always change the delivery date or skip a monthly delivery. You can also cancel a subscription anytime – just go to the “Manage Your Subscriptions” section on your device.
    • Get bulky items delivered straight to your door.
    • Your house will always have an adequate stock of essential necessities.
    • You’ll save time on your routine errand runs.
    • Shipping is always free.

    Where to Find Eligible Items / Best Subscribe & Save Deals

    From your Amazon homepage, simply enter “Subscribe & Save” into the search bar. Doing this will take you to the Subscribe & Save storefront, where you can search thousands of products within the Subscribe & Save program.

    How to Get Started

    Unlocking extra savings on eligible Subscribe & Save subscriptions is easy.

    1. Select products. Shop for eligible products from the subscriptions page. Eligible items also have a Subscribe & Save option on their product detail page.
    2. Choose quantity and schedule. Determine the product quantity and shipping schedule for every product you add to your subscription. The auto-delivery options range from 2 weeks to 6 months.
    3. Confirm subscription. Confirm your delivery address. Each product indicates its delivery date so you know when to expect your first order.
    4. Manage existing subscriptions. Keep an eye on the reminder email for your next delivery. This email provides an overview of the products you’re subscribed to, their current prices, and any changes in price since your last order.

    Amazon Subscribe & Save Terms and Conditions

    Here are some of the fine-print details you need to know about the Subscribe & Save service.

    • To get the 5%–15% additional savings, you’ll need to have at least 5 different item subscriptions with the same reorder date.
    • You can subscribe to take advantage of a coupon, and then cancel the subscription after the first month.
    • You can adjust the subscription to extend the next order to an additional month
    • You can change the specific delivery dates of individual items.
    • Item prices can change at any time. Always review your upcoming scheduled orders and cancel anything you no longer want, or increase quantity as needed.

    Cancelling Amazon Subscribe and Save

    Canceling Amazon Subscribe & Save is pretty straightforward.

    1. Open your account and select “Your Subscribe & Save Items.”
    2. Under “More Order Actions,” select “Manage Subscribe & Save Items.”
    3. Select all the subscriptions you want to cancel, then hit “Confirm Cancellation.”

    How to Save Even More Money With Subscribe & Save

    There are other ways to capitalize on Subscribe & Save. Below are a few strategies to further cut costs on Amazon shopping.

    1. Join Amazon Prime Enjoy free shipping on thousands of products and get access to exclusive deals, as well as increase your savings potential to 20%.
    2. Clip Coupons If you’re a fan of coupon apps, you can get similar savings by clipping Subscribe & Save coupons directly on Amazon – many coupons offer 20%–40% off your first order! Discounts from clipped coupons will be automatically applied when you add the product to your Subscribe & Save order.
    3. Use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Shop with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card; it’s an overall strong cashback credit card for anyone who regularly shops on Amazon.


    Subscribe & Save is a great Amazon feature that rewards customers for their loyalty. At the very least, you can save 5% on products you purchase regularly, as well as cut down on fuel cost by not having to shop in person as frequently as before. The best thing is that you don’t need to commit to expensive subscription terms or lock yourself into a contract to enjoy these perks.

    The only caution is to avoid overstocking on perishable goods. It might take a few attempts to get your delivery frequency and products just right, but once you find your rhythm, you’ll never have to pay full price for most of your daily necessities. Happy shopping!


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