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      Optimize Your Best-Selling Listings

      Optimize Your Best-Selling Listings
      Posted by James Hyatt on May 31, 2021

      Getting ready for Prime Day means auditing your best-selling listings. Here are some key areas you need to focus on to ensure your showrunners will stand out during this highly-anticipated sale event.

      • Optimize Your Listings – Track your competitors to see which keywords they’re ranking for. Also make sure that your titles, bullets, images, and descriptions are up to date. Check if you need to revamp your listing content to make it more engaging for your buyers. Don’t forget to include keywords that are relevant to your product both on the customer-facing detail page and backend search terms.
      • Split Test A+ Content – There are many variables that you can test. You can try testing images that highlight the main features of the product in one version, and then lifestyle imagery in the other. You can also try out different headlines to see which one is more engaging to customers. The layout structure is another key area to test to determine which content structure drives more sales.
      • Consider Mobile Optimization - Bullets are shown below the A+ descriptions on Amazon’s mobile app. Make sure that the bullets are not very long so it won’t be hard to read on a smartphone.
      • Competitive Pricing - Make sure that your product is competitively priced. Price is key if you want to win the Buy Box.

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      James Hyatt

      James Hyatt is the founder and CEO of Rank N Bank, an Amazon Advertising Agency that prides itself on quick, clear communication, transparent pricing, and industry-leading expertise. He graduated with a degree in Business Management at San Diego State University. A self-made entrepreneur, he has built Rank N Bank with no funding or debt, with the sole purpose to help clients grow their businesses profitably.

      Outside the business sphere, James is passionate about racing sports cars at the well-known Willow Springs Raceway, surfing the famous wave breaks on the East and West coast, and challenging himself out on the mountain trails around the U.S.