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      Multiple Ways to Attract Customers

      Multiple Ways to Attract Customers
      Posted by James Hyatt on June 2, 2021

      Customers will definitely be scouting out deals on Prime Day, so focus on offering great value to attract more buyers. Amazon will be getting a lot of deal submissions, so make sure to offer your best products and price them competitively.

      • Prime Exclusive Discounts - Prime members look forward to this exclusive sale. Discounted products will display a “Prime Day Deals” badge.
      • Coupons - Customers love coupons. Just make sure to create them at least a couple of days before Prime Day.
      • Lightning Deals - Although this type of deal only runs for a limited amount of time, it is a highly effective strategy to monumentally increase your sales in a short amount of time. Many shoppers are immediately drawn in by exclusive lightning deals because such offerings generate a sense of urgency to purchase.
      • Free Shipping - If you do Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), it is important that you offer free shipping if you want to compete with Prime-eligible sellers or Amazon.
      • Product Bundles - One of the benefits of Amazon Prime Day is that many consumers tend to make larger purchases to take advantage of additional savings. Leverage on this by creating special bundles of your products.
      • Customer Satisfaction - While low prices are the main reason customers shop on Prime Day, it is not enough to build customer loyalty. Always aim for customer satisfaction by offering quality products at a great value.
      • Social Media Promotions – Create ads and connect with influencers to spread awareness of your Amazon product collection, and link back to your listings on social media. Sharing your product listings on social media through your business’ accounts is another effective way to get your products in front of more buyers. You can also try to use a social media promo code. If you have a professional selling account on Amazon, you can create a promotion link you can share through social media about the discounts offered on your listings. Unlike traditional ads, sharing a promo code gives customers value by helping them save money.

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