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      How To Easily Earn the Amazon Choice Badge (LUX Red Antenna Project)

      LUX Red Antenna Project Amazon Choice Badge
      Posted by James Hyatt on July 26, 2021

      In this case study, we’ll share how we helped Luxtronic earn the Amazon Choice badge for their HDTV Antenna after just two months of doing a full listing optimization service for them.

      Rank N Bank did their keyword research, written content, top 7 Images, as well as the A+ content for this product listing. It didn’t take long to see the results. Their properly optimized listing now continues to show improvements in search volume, organic ranking, and conversion rate.

      Why is it such a big deal to get the Amazon Choice badge?

      This label is given to a product when Amazon believes it is the best match for a specific keyword.

      Products with this badge tend to land at the top of the searches. Naturally, getting this badge will lead to more targeted traffic, higher sales, and better rankings. Plus, earning the Amazon’s Choice badge will also help you get the Best Seller badge for your category.

      How do you get this badge?

      • Use the Right Keywords – Nailing the right keywords is crucial in optimizing any Amazon listing. Fitting to your target customer’s search as closely as possible is key to getting Amazon’s Choice badge.
      • Properly Optimize Your Listing Page – Aside from determining the most suitable keywords for your product listings, how you present product details can improve your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.
        Make sure your title and descriptions are clear, relevant and accurately reflect the product you are selling. Similarly, make sure all of the listing images are informative and effectively showcase your product’s main selling points.
      • Maintain Healthy Inventory Levels – Inventory management can make or break your brand’s reputation. Customers will likely purchase from your competitors if your page shows out of stock. And if you lose sales, it will have a negative impact on your listing performance metrics.
      • Set Competitive Pricing – Your listing needs to be well-priced to improve your chance of getting the coveted badge. Make sure your prices are not too far from the market standard.
      • Get Positive Reviews – Reviews influence sales, and sales affect product listing performance.

      Need help getting your Amazon’s Choice badge? Contact us today to learn more!


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