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      How to Contact Customers Who Left You a Bad Amazon Review

      How to Contact Customers Who Left You a Bad Amazon Review
      Posted by James Hyatt on July 12, 2021

      Negative reviews can have a great impact on an Amazon listing. A single 1-star rating can drag down a product’s average rating significantly, especially if it doesn’t have a good number of decent reviews.

      For so long, Amazon prohibits sellers to ask a customer to remove a negative review or change it. So sellers would sometimes come out with hacks on how to backtrace bad reviews.

      The good news is, Amazon is now allowing sellers to have direct contact with customers who left bad reviews. However, this is only available for those who have Amazon Brand Registry.

      How do you use this new feature?

      • In seller central, go to the Brands Menu, and select “Customer Reviews.”
      • You will then be directed to a page saying that you can now send direct messages to customers who left you a 1-3 star rating
      • Find the “contact buyer” button
      • You can either choose “Courtesy refund” and “Customer review”

      Amazon provides a templated message whether you choose to issue the customer a full refund/replacement or get in touch with the customer to clarify the negative review. As of this time, you cannot edit this template.

      This is a big development for sellers.

      Turning a negative customer experience into a positive one could have a great ripple effect. So don’t miss out!

      Negative Reviews and Amazon Account Optimization

      While having too many negative reviews can negatively affect your search ranking, having no negative reviews can also hurt your conversion rate. Some negative feedback can actually help you as a seller. Having mixed reviews will make your product look more credible. Buyers want to read honest reviews. The more information they can get, the better they can make informed purchase decisions.

      Getting a few negative reviews also provides an opportunity for more customer interaction. Reach out to your customer and get more information about their negative product review and provide possible solutions.

      Getting bad reviews is not the end of the world. Don’t get discouraged. Use it for better account optimization and to further improve your product.

      Need some information on handling negative reviews and Amazon account management?

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