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    Guide to Contacting Amazon Seller Support

    Amazon Seller Support
    Posted by James Hyatt on December 15, 2022

    Amazon sellers can’t always solve every problem in Seller Central. Sometimes, sellers need help from Amazon Seller Support to troubleshoot their listings and account. Some of the most common topics that sellers need help with include creating or reactivating a selling account, product listing management, Amazon warehouse deliveries, product packing and shipping, and customer returns and refunds.

    How to Contact Amazon Seller Support

    Here’s a short step-by-step guide of how to get in touch with Amazon Seller Support:

    1. Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central account
    2. Click on the “Help” menu at the top-right corner of the page
    3. Find the “Need More Help” text, then click the “Get More Support” button below it
    4. You will then be redirected to a page that displays the following options:
      • Selling on Amazon - Select this option if you have questions or issues about selling or listings
      • Advertising and Stores - Select this option if you have questions or issues about Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Stores
    5. You will immediately be redirected to the box page where you’ll need to either type in your concern or click the “Or browse your issue in the menu” link
    6. In the case of the latter, go through the questions and select any that closely resembles the issue you’re experiencing
    7. If you do not find any, type your question in the search box and submit it
    8. If the search does not bring up relevant results, click on the “Other Issues” link on the left side of the page
    9. Select your preferred language from a dropdown menu, then fill in the field requiring you to indicate your reason for contacting Seller Support
    10. At the bottom of the page, you can select your preferred contact method: email, phone, or chat.

    Common Challenges When Contacting Amazon Seller Support

    Due to internal processes, training gaps, and the complexity of Amazon’s systems, sometimes there can be a lot of frustration getting reliable help from Seller Support. It can take several calls to get through to a knowledgeable agent. Many sellers also get frustrated over the inconsistency of the information provided by different agents.

    Some of the most common pain points with Amazon Seller Support include:

    • Agents not reading or understanding your inquiries and responding with canned responses that have nothing to do with your inquiry
    • Agents not responding to cases at all
    • Agents responding with inaccurate or outdated information or listing tools
    • Sellers unable to establish contact with Amazon Seller Support at certain times of the day
    • Sellers’ inability to email Seller Support directly

    Since most of the Amazon Seller Support agents you interact with are not trained in additional subject matter, questions are often misunderstood.

    Best Practices When Contacting Amazon Seller Support

    Here are a few tips that can help you achieve a smoother, less frustrating experience when contacting Seller Support:

    Don’t open a new case for the same issue if the first one is already under review

    Check the status of your existing case log daily instead of opening a new one. If you have questions about a closed case or think it was handled incorrectly, simply reopen it instead of opening a new one.

    Tackle one issue at a time

    Listing out all your issues in one email is not recommended as it can be confusing for the support associates. Just send one email for each issue and stay laser-focused when explaining it.

    Be thorough and clear

    Being as detailed as possible and including all the relevant information for your issue will save you time from answering requests for additional information. State your issue in a logical and concise manner as well so that Amazon Seller Support will quickly understand exactly what you need.

    Be polite

    You can be firm if your issue doesn’t get resolved immediately – however, urgency and rudeness are two different things. You’ll get much farther if you remain polite when working with representatives.

    Be patient

    Whether on the phone or over email, working with Seller Support can be a frustrating process. Try your best to remain patient and kind to Seller Support to ensure they would really do their best to help solve the problem.

    Use brand registry support for registered brands

    The Amazon Brand Registry program comes with its own support service, so take advantage of it in order to avoid confusion and promote a quick, effective solution.

    Follow up daily for urgent concerns

    If you have an urgent issue and aren’t getting an immediate response, follow up daily to ensure that someone sees your messages as soon as possible.

    Prepare all your details if you decide to take a phone call

    Have your Amazon seller account details (such as billing information) readily available. The Seller Support associate will ask for all your unique details for verification purposes. Also be ready to take down notes of any solutions or suggestions the support associate might give as this can help you in your follow ups.

    Know when to use “Urgent Help Needed”

    If your problem is critical, Amazon Seller Support has an Urgent Help Needed solution. Tick this option when opening cases so seller support will contact you ASAP. You can use this option when:

    • There are pricing errors that you are unable to correct yourself
    • Your account has been compromised.
    • Your uploaded feeds or product listings are not reflected 24 hours after uploading
    • Dealing with issues regarding receiving disbursements
    • Dealing with issues regarding brand-registered ASINs

    Avoid using the “Urgent Help Needed” option unless your situation falls under the above criteria.

    What Can Amazon Seller Support Assist You With?

    While the Amazon Seller Support team is equipped to handle a myriad of different problems, they simply can’t do everything. Sometimes, it’s impossible to know which problems they can handle. Here are some of the common issues that the Amazon Support Team offers reliable assistance with.

    • Listing Detail Changes – One of the common mistakes is saving the wrong information on your product listings. If you can’t fix those errors in the backend, you can contact Amazon support and ask them to make changes to your product page.
    • Properly Adding Products – Adding products might seem straightforward for most sellers. However, not all sellers are tech-savvy enough to do these things independently. In such a case, just make sure to provide accurate information and Amazon Support will help with properly adding products.
    • Applications for GTIN Exemption – There are times when a product can’t be tagged with a GTIN. The support team can help you with applications for GTIN exemptions on your products.
    • Stranded or Missing FBA Inventory – Sometimes, FBA items turn up missing or stranded. When these mishaps happen, you can reach seller support to help you track or get reimbursement for the missing inventory.
    • Customer Issues Such as A-to-Z Claims – There are times when customers try to abuse Amazon’s return or replacement policy and take advantage of sellers. If this happens to you, ask for Seller Support to help you sort out the problem.
    • Delayed or Missing Disbursements – After Amazon has deducted all of the fees and payments, the net income left will be sent to you through a disbursement. If you happen to have a missing or delayed disbursement, you can contact Amazon Seller Support to fix the issue.
    • Appeal to Reinstate a Suspended Amazon Seller Account – Depending on the severity of the account suspension, you can get your account reinstated with the assistance of the support team. While the result is not guaranteed, you can ask them to appeal your case.

    Alternate Support for Amazon Sellers

    In addition to getting in touch with Amazon Seller Support, you can find helpful information to solve your listing or account issues from the following sources:

    Seller Support Blog

    Amazon’s Seller Support Blog is full of posts addressing common issues faced by Amazon sellers. If the issue is not as urgent, you may check the Support Blog before opening a case.

    Seller Support Forum

    This platform provides an avenue for sellers to get in touch with one another to discuss any Amazon-related topics they can think of.


    As a seller, it’s inevitable that you’ll need the help of Amazon Seller Support. While you can’t always rely on the representatives to immediately solve your concerns, it’s important to know who to contact, and how to submit the information they need.

    In such cases, it’s crucial to know the area you should communicate with. Don’t hesitate to contact Amazon whenever you face an urgent issue that you can’t resolve on your own.

    Knowing how to efficiently contact Amazon Seller Support is vital for the long-term success of any Amazon Store. Understanding their limits, becoming educated on how Amazon is organized, and focusing on going through the right channels will help you find the quickest resolve to your issue.

    While dealing with Amazon listing problems is common among sellers, you can avoid or reduce the risk of encountering listing issues if your content is properly optimized. Let us help you optimize your product listings – we’ll discuss how we can help you further grow your business. Book a call today!


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    About the Author

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    Outside the business sphere, James is passionate about racing sports cars at the well-known Willow Springs Raceway, surfing the famous wave breaks on the East and West coast, and challenging himself out on the mountain trails around the U.S.

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