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Google SEO vs Amazon SEO

Google SEO vs Amazon SEO
Posted by James Hyatt on September 16, 2021

To give you a better understanding of Google SEO and Amazon SEO, let’s discuss their major similarities and differences.

Amazon SEO vs Google SEO: Similarities

  • Relevance – in both cases, the main objective is to rank high for relevant keywords. Relevance score in both areas greatly affects traffic, sales, and ranking.
  • Systematic optimization – Ranking on Amazon and Google both require consistency. You need to follow a set of best practices to do well on both platforms.
  • Paid and organic results – Both Google and Amazon distinguish between paid and organic search results.
  • Consistent Maintenance - Another important similarity between Amazon and Google SEO is that both require regular work. Getting your website or listing on top of the search results doesn't mean your work is done. It is just the beginning of your SEO optimization journey. You need to monitor and stay up-to-date on changes that can affect your ranking.

Amazon SEO vs Google SEO: Differences

  • Keywords – when optimizing for Google search engine you need to maintain good keyword density and focus on the long-tail keywords that target quality traffic. On the other hand, Amazon users rarely type in long-tail keywords, long sentences, or unpopular questions to search for a product. Character limits in the title, bullets, and description also play a role in keyword use.
  • External links – having external links is one critical element in Google SEO. Amazon’s search engine does not require backlinking. In Amazon, sales volume is one of the key driving factors in the product ranking. While increased traffic from outside of Amazon may help boost searches, sales, and ranking on Amazon, your external digital presence is not considered when ranking your product. Amazon also does not allow sellers to link to external sites from their listing.

    After knowing the similarities and differences between Amazon SEO and Google SEO, you can now choose which one would fit your brand goals. What if you want to use both platforms? That's possible too. If done correctly, both can create an effective campaign that can boost your conversion rates and online presence, and ultimately help your business grow exponentially.

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