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    Building Amazon Storefronts that Convert

    Building Amazon Storefronts that Convert
    Posted by James Hyatt on January 28, 2023

    What Is an Amazon Storefront?

    Amazon Stores are multi-page storefronts within the platform available to brand-registered sellers, and allow sellers to showcase their products using custom content. You can feature your collections to improve your customers’ shopping experience, build brand loyalty, and eventually boost sales - all at no cost.

    Amazon Storefront

    To set up your Amazon storefront, you simply need to be registered on Amazon Brand Registry. Doing so will also give you access to other benefits, including Amazon’s A+ content.

    Advantages of Using an Amazon Storefront

    Helps increase brand awareness

    Within your Amazon Store, customers can see all of your offerings in one place and discover what makes your brand unique. This builds brand awareness and trust among potential customers.

    No competitors

    Sponsored ads from competitors can be a distraction on search result pages. With an Amazon Store, your customers will only see and interact with your brand.

    Customize the look and feel of your brand

    You can easily design your store the way you like it. You can add infographics, videos, and images to define the overall appeal of your brand.

    Laptop showing Amazon Storefront

    Include multiple pages and categories

    If you offer products under different categories, you can create subpages for them in your Amazon Store. This will help improve the customer shopping experience as everything is arranged logically.

    Get store insights

    You can monitor traffic to your store, monitor page views and visits, and see if your store is driving sales. This will help you make more informed marketing decisions in optimizing your campaigns.

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    Features Exclusive to the Amazon Storefront

    Below are some of the features and tools that can help you showcase your brand and products more efficiently to get more visibility.

    Product management

    With an Amazon storefront, you can easily upload and organize product photos. You can also hide products that are out of stock and optimize your page for a better customer shopping experience.

    Shoppable images

    You can make images shoppable and allow customers to get more product details, prices, and customer ratings. Customers can also add their desired products to their Shopping Cart.

    Texts on images

    Stores make it easy to add descriptive texts to images. You can add descriptions to images to provide more information about the product, which can also help improve rankings on search engines and drive traffic to your Store.

    Background videos

    You can even use videos to showcase your products and draw attention to your store. Your Amazon storefront allows you to upload videos you can play in a loop while customers shop from your store.

    Benefits of Creating an Amazon Storefront

    There are a good many reasons to create an Amazon Store. Some of the most notable ones are the following:

    • Helps expand your brand’s reach
    • Showcases more of your product catalog
    • Drives traffic away from your competitor’s advertising
    • Boosts your organic search ranking on Amazon
    • Improves incremental sales with cross-selling and upselling
    • Promotes new product launches

    Amazon Storefront Best Practices

    Here are three tips to avoid common problems when building your Amazon Storefront.

    Choose a simple, organized design

    Keep the design and layout simple so it won’t be difficult to navigate. Confusing pages will turn a buyer off from your brand. The more quickly shoppers can navigate your catalog of products, the better the chances of them finding and purchasing what they’re looking for.

    Use high-quality imagery

    Use only high-quality images and videos as part of your storefront. If you use imagery with low resolution, it could signal to the buyer that your products may have the same poor quality. Don’t allow cheap images and sloppy design work ruin your brand.

    Also, stay consistent with your colors, font style, and other design elements. This helps create a cohesive shopping experience across platforms and gives buyers a consistent image of your brand.

    Use storefront pages and link to them

    Having an Amazon storefront allows you to create multiple pages, and within the contents of your pages (called “tiles”), you can link to your other pages just like you would a product. For best practice, use the same wording of the title for your page, as this will appear in the search results.

    Optimize your store for mobile

    Many shoppers use their mobile phones to browse products, so it’s important that you optimize your store for mobile display. Your store may look great on a desktop computer or laptop, but the mobile version may actually cut off part of the text. Review every tile on a mobile device to ensure everything is displayed correctly.

    Don’t forget to include keywords

    When you upload great pictures, lifestyle images, and videos about your brand, don’t forget to match them with the search terms you’d like to rank for. Just be sure not to load up on too many keywords – keep everything written for a normal human being while incorporating descriptive keywords for which you need to improve your rankings.

    Address your customer pain points

    When customers come to your Store, they are looking for solutions. Guide them through your Store by addressing your target market’s major pain points. Understand their problems and guide them on their journey to finding the answers they came to seek.

    How to Promote Your Amazon Storefront

    Once you’ve gotten your Amazon storefront up and running, you’ll need to promote it. Here are some tips to get you started:

    Amazon Coupon Codes

    Offering incentives can give you a leg up over your competitors. One way you can do this effectively is through Amazon coupon codes; you can create these coupons to be either a certain dollar amount off or a certain percentage off a product. Amazon also offers a few other types of promotions you can run, including discount codes customers can use at checkout.

    Sponsored Product Ads

    Running a Sponsored Ads campaign is an excellent opportunity to attract prospective buyers to your Store. By investing some money in ads to help your product come up earlier in Amazon’s search results, you’ll improve your brand’s visibility and drive more sales. You can set your own budget so you’ll pay an amount that’s reasonable for you.

    Work With Creators

    Content creators can also help drive traffic to your Amazon storefront by sharing content on their social media accounts while including a link back to your storefront. Content creators and influencers can encourage their viewers to view your product on Amazon, or share a discount code that works on Amazon, to persuade more buyers to check out your Store.


    Amazon storefronts can increase brand awareness, drive more organic traffic, and increase sales on Amazon, so give extra thought and time to developing your storefront. Give buyers a great shopping experience by keeping your Store up to date with the newest products and deals you have running.

    Here at Rank N Bank, we have Amazon experts, designers, and copywriters that can help you optimize your Amazon listings and Stores to further boost your sales. Get the most out of your Amazon store– let’s discuss how we can help you design the most effective Amazon storefront that’s just right for your business.


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    About the Author

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    James Hyatt is the founder and CEO of Rank N Bank, an Amazon Advertising Agency that prides itself on quick, clear communication, transparent pricing, and industry-leading expertise. He graduated with a degree in Business Management at San Diego State University. A self-made entrepreneur, he has built Rank N Bank with no funding or debt, with the sole purpose to help clients grow their businesses profitably.

    Outside the business sphere, James is passionate about racing sports cars at the well-known Willow Springs Raceway, surfing the famous wave breaks on the East and West coast, and challenging himself out on the mountain trails around the U.S.

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