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      Best Practices: Optimizing Your Top 7 Listing Images

      Optimizing Your Amazon Top 7 Listing Images
      Posted by James Hyatt on May 26, 2022

      Amazon product image optimization is critical in maximizing your conversion rate. Presenting the right photos to your target customers will encourage them to act. Much like other forms of optimization, your ultimate goal is to persuade as many shoppers as possible to buy your product while staying compliant with Amazon’s strict ToS.

      Let’s start with the basic requirements…

      Basic Amazon Listing Images Requirements

      While your images need to represent the product and title accurately, it is equally important that the product photos meet Amazon’s standards.

      • Your product must fill 85% of your main image. This allows customers to recognize what they are purchasing with ease.
      • Your images should ideally be between 1600×10000 px on the longest side. Amazon does allow you to upload 500 px, but a smaller image will reduce zoom capabilities.
      • Your images must be made in one of the following file formats: JPEG, TIFF, GIF. JPEG is the preferred file type, and note that you cannot upload animated GIFs.
      • Your images cannot have jagged edges, pixelation, or other low-quality artifacts.
      • No adult content is allowed.
      • You cannot include any Amazon badges on your photos (e.g. “Amazon’s Choice”, “Works with Amazon Alexa”, etc.).
      • Your main image can only be displayed from one perspective (no multiple angles).
      • Your photo must show a complete picture of the product (nothing cut off).

      Best Practices for Your Amazon Product Images

      Now that you know Amazon’s baseline image requirements, let’s go over some of the best practices for taking your product photos to the next level and helping them stand out from the competition.

      1. Focus on your main image Remember, this is the photo customers will first see when scrolling through search results on Amazon, so make it count.
        • Use a bright, clear, bold image that will entice visitors to click through to your listing.<
        • Look at your competitors’ main images and make improvements as you see fit.
      2. Use all available image space Take advantage of all the image space Amazon allows. Upload a full set of 7 images that provides variety. Offer potential buyers as much information as possible from within the images themselves.
        • Show off your product from multiple angles.
        • Show your product in use at an appropriate indoor or outdoor setting.
        • Mix up the backgrounds for visual interest.
        • If applicable, add infographics and overlaid dimensions.
      3. Create unique lifestyle images Show your potential customers what it’s like to use your product and why they need it in their lives. Do you have a specific target audience or ideal customer in mind? Pique their interest by appealing to that type of person in your images.
      4. Add text to your images Highlight relevant information by adding it to your photos. Use consistent fonts and colors to create a specific look and feel for your brand.
        • Include sizing, dimensions, or other important specifications.
        • Indicate the materials used.
        • If it’s a food product or nutritional supplement, display the ingredients.
        • Create comparison charts to showcase why customers should choose your product over a competitor’s.
      5. Zoom in on product features Since your customers cannot actually view or touch your product in person, it’s important to virtually show them every possible angle. Zoom in on different features or parts of your product to demonstrate sizing, build quality, texture, etc.
      6. Include before-and-after photos If your product solves a specific consumer problem, including a before-and-after comparison image will help customers understand how it could benefit them. Remember, talk is cheap – actually showing the product in action speaks more powerfully to its benefits.
      7. Include instructional photos If your product requires some assembly or installation, demonstrate that process in your images. Help your customer feel confident in putting your product together, elsewise they may give up and return it (or not even make the purchase at all).
      8. Infographics Customers are likely spending only 10 seconds tops to read your bullet points and descriptions. Some customers don’t even bother reading the sales copy and instead just browse through your photos. Infographics will help you visually convey your product’s main features and benefits, so your customers can stay informed even if they didn’t read your bullet points or descriptions.
      9. Hire a professional Hiring a professional photographer and/or graphic designer for your Amazon product images is always a safe and ideal choice, especially if you lack photography experience. You’ve likely already spent lots of time and money into developing your product and shipping inventory – don’t risk sacrificing sales at the hands of poor imagery.


      Creative imagery can and will help your product stand out. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so never underestimate the value of properly optimized product images. Ensure that your product photos help your customers see the value of your product while also helping them make an informed decision – these important considerations will yield in boosted sales and fewer returns!

      Need help improving your Amazon product images?

      It takes time and skill to craft the best possible images and infographics for a product. Make your photos informative and eye-catching, and don’t hesitate to contact a professional to get the job done right. Book a call with us today!


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