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      Are Amazon Virtual Bundles Right For You?

      Are Amazon Virtual Bundles Right For You
      Posted by James Hyatt on July 7, 2021

      Amazon product bundling is combining two to five complementary products and bundling them together into one listing. It enables sellers to create new offerings for Amazon’s catalog without actually launching a new product. Generally, Amazon product bundling is a great way to boost your sales and profits.

      Who is Eligible to Create a Virtual Bundle?

      In order to create a virtual product bundle, the products you wish to bundle together need to belong to a brand that is registered in Brand Registry. The chosen products also need to have active FBA inventory in ‘New’ condition.

      On Pricing

      Product bundles are usually priced lower than or equal to the sum total of prices of the products in the bundle. However, most successful bundles offer attractive discounts. Pricing your bundle higher than the sum of its component’s prices will result in losing the Buy Box eligibility.

      Why You Should Consider Virtual Product Bundling

      Bundling your best-selling products with other complementing offers helps increase your brand awareness and visibility. This smart strategy provides a huge potential for your Amazon business.

      Here are some more benefits of doing product bundling:

      • Competitive advantage - Amazon product bundles are featured in Amazon’s Buy Box so they get more exposure.
      • Higher profitability - For items under FBA, Amazon deducts fulfillment fees from one item, bringing higher profit margins.
      • Help sell slow-moving inventory – Want to liquidate certain products? Bundle them with the more popular ones.
      • Added value for customers: Bundling improves the customer shopping experience since all the products are on one page. Product bundles can also be priced lower than the items sold individually.

      Your product description should make it clear what your bundle is about. Ideally, the first bullet point should include the word bundle and a list of all the items included in it. The main image should show all items together. Also have separate photos of each item that is included.

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