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1) Listing Optimization

2) Advertising Management

3) Review Generation 


HairZing is a women-owned business that creates handcrafted hair accessories. They design beautiful hair clips for women with different types and textures of hair. Three important products they sell are the Banana Clip, Butterfly Clip and Stretch Comb. Each is multi-patented and offers a new solution for helping women get their hair up and out of the way.


HairZing published their products on Amazon in early 2017. Using traditional sales techniques the employees launched HairZing’s products hoping they would sell. After being in the marketplace for about a year they achieved decent monthly sales but found themselves hitting a plateau. Knowing their products could perform better, but lacking the knowledge and coding skills to optimize and market their products they reached out to Rank N Bank for help.

Opportunity Analysis

Rank N Bank performed their Opportunity Analysis and uncovered three areas of opportunity for HairZing to capitalize on:

  1. Listing Optimization: Product listings were under optimized and they were not utilizing all of the available product image slots. The titles, bullet points and descriptions were outdated and not using a targeted search-term strategy. They were not utilizing special promotions or coupons. Their back-end details were either missing or not filled out. There was a loss of potential sales due to the fact that the products were not receiving a high rank for relevant keywords.
  2. Advertising Management: They were running Sponsored Product campaigns but there was no strategy. Products were grouped together in one campaign, multiple keyword types were in the same ad group and they were not utilizing search-term isolation or harvesting converting keywords from their auto campaigns. They had no negative match type keywords to help cut the bleeders and they were not keyword prospecting or testing to find new opportunity keywords. They were spending money on ads making sales, but at a loss.
  3. Review Generation: They had no system set-up to automatically message their customers after an order had been placed. There was only one simple message which was not branded and lacked clarity for what action the customer should take. The message used language against Amazon’s Terms of Service (“TOS”). Additionally, they were including links back to their Shopify store and had links going to their Amazon storefront both of which are violations of TOS and can lead to a suspension. They were missing opportunities to build goodwill before asking for a product review and not asking for seller feedback.


Rank N Bank began by optimizing HairZing’s three main product listings. Next they consulted and updated their images, making sure they had the three main categories of images (product shot, lifestyle, and info-graphic). Once the images were complete, Rank N Bank updated the sales copy within the listing. Rank N Bank conducted customer and keyword research by studying competitors products and reviews as well as similar items purchased by their target customers. Rank N Bank developed a target customer avatar and defined the exact customer wants and desires. Rank N Bank then wrote new titles, bullet points, descriptions, back-end search-terms and filled out all of the other backend details based on the browse tree guide for the hair accessory category. 

Once the listing optimization were complete, Rank N Bank built out pay-per click advertising campaigns in Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, using the research they discovered during the listing optimization phase to structure the advertising campaigns to target the best keywords. After the advertising campaigns were up and running, Rank N Bank set up a schedule to harvest and isolate winning keywords on a routine basis as well as remove bad keywords and add them as negative match types or down bid them so that they would not keep spending money. Rank N Bank continued to perform keyword analysis on a weekly basis creating new campaigns and adding new keywords as they were discovered to increase HairZing’s brand awareness and product reach. 

To complete the system, Rank N Bank created a fully-branded seller feedback and product review generation system using HairZing’s logo, pictures of the product and a unique selling proposition in each message to help make the messages stand out from their competitors. Rank N Bank continuously tested sales copy within the messages to work on getting the highest conversion rate and then programmed the messages to continue sending for each new order.


Twelve months after Rank N Bank engaged in services for HairZing the results were in:

117% Increase in Traffic Sessions

107% Increase in Total Revenue

200+ Seller Feedback Generated 

200+ Product Reviews Generated


HairZing was able to go from confused, frustrated and stagnant to focused, enthusiastic and driven. They took control of their future by investing in a sales and marketing system for their Amazon business. Rank N Bank got their products ranked for top volume keywords, drove traffic through paid advertising and generated verified seller feedback and product reviews. HairZing no longer has to take on Amazon alone and feels confident their Amazon business is heading in the right direction.  

"My experience working with Rank N Bank has been amazing, their communication is on-point and they have helped me and my team grow through this whole process""

Francesca Kuglen
CEO/Owner HairZing

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