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    How MANIMAL’s Wrist Wraps Became Top Sellers on Amazon

    Optimizing PPC campaigns is critical to boosting conversion and profit.
    Posted by James Hyatt on August 31, 2022

    MANIMAL is a provider of wrist wraps, lifting belts and straps, neck gaiters, and other fitness and training accessories. The company’s founder, George Corbo, was a CrossFit coach who had broken both his wrists in a football accident. Grappling with chronic pain and the frustration that no products on the market were working, George took it upon himself to develop his own wrist wraps that could perform to the standard he needed to continue his intense training and weightlifting.

    Issue: Poorly Optimized Listings and Campaigns

    While MANIMAL was able to develop and produce high-quality training accessories for athletes and gymgoers, the brand was struggling to find success on Amazon. Before we handled their account in November of last year, MANIMAL was ranking within the 50s of Amazon’s top 100 products. In having such a range of premium-quality products, it was clear that the brand was not maximizing its sales potential.

    Amazon Advertising Management Services

    To help boost their visibility and sales, among other listing optimizations, MANIMAL employed our Amazon Advertising Management Services. Prior to our involvement, the brand’s highest PPC sales record was $11,040 (February 2019). At the time, they were charging a higher cost than their competitors and exceeded the price range in their category for wrist wraps. They had a target of 30% ACoS, and their PPC campaign budget was inadequately focused on their high-selling items. After further research, we determined that they were targeting the wrong category for their wrist wraps altogether.

    Optimizing PPC campaigns is critical to boosting conversion and profit. Investing time, energy, and money is essential to drive valuable leads to any product listing. Nailing your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns requires a lot of patience and experience, as you must regularly monitor and tweak your strategies to squeeze the most out of your investments.

    How We Created Successful PPC Campaigns

    So what, exactly, did we do to help MANIMAL achieve its true sales potential? Here are some key strategies our PPC team implemented:

    • Performed a deep dive of the account
    • Conducted comprehensive competitor and keyword research
    • Reallocated a majority of the budget to the highest selling product
    • Launched Sponsored Brand headlines and videos
    • Organized a campaign structure based on the highest selling product
    • Increased the stock level of the highest selling product
    • Regularly harvested new, sales-generating keywords
    • Created a unique campaign for high-performing keywords
    • Frequently checked for common irrelevant keywords that could be targeted in Amazon’s algorithm as “negative phrase”
    • Developed a regular schedule for account optimization
    • Tested campaigns to discover what worked best for each product
    • Used bids by placement to increase brand awareness of new products and top-performing campaigns
    • Utilized different bidding strategies based on each campaign’s performance
    • Logged and corrected every issue that had a negative effect on the account’s performance (e.g. inventory, Amazon glitches, etc.)

    Measurable Results

    monitor your PPC campaign’s performance

    Like any other marketing strategy, it’s important to monitor your PPC campaign’s performance. After implementing the strategies devised by our PPC experts, MANIMAL’s main product, their black Wrist Wraps, now consists of more than 50% of the total sales of the account (see our “after” report). Target ACoS of the account is at 50%, and we were also able to reduce the price of the product. From a previous standstill average of $15,000 overall sales, the brand now enjoys an average of $30,000 overall sales.They also achieved their highest PPC sales in June, 2022 at $24,570. And because they’re scaling on an upward trend, they can now allocate their monthly budget from $6,000 to $15,000.

    Here’s a snapshot of their highest sales before our services:
    Manimal Highest Sales graph

    Here’s another snapshot post-RNB optimization:
    Post-RNB Optimization Graph

    How Rank N Bank Does Amazon PPC Management

    PPC advertising requires skill, time, and constant attention

    PPC advertising requires skill, time, and constant attention. Many business owners rarely have the bandwidth to handle it themselves. Fortunately, our team of PPC experts has worked with hundreds of sellers to help alleviate their Amazon advertising pain points. Some of the most common issues we’ve helped our clients with include:

    • Lack of training and expertise
    • Minimal time devoted to advertising
    • Limited budgets
    • Inability to identify profitable keywords
    • Rising ACoS
    • Competitors overtaking top placements
    • Average traffic and sales

    It’s time to stop wasting resources on unprofitable ads. PPC campaigns are constantly changing and should be handled by professionals capable of innovating new marketing strategies each and every time the marketplace evolves.

    Rank N Bank has a team of industry experts dedicated to designing and implementing comprehensive road maps that, in only a few months, will bring product listings to the top of search results. We are focused on customizing campaigns specific to our clients’ needs, and implement a combination of manual and auto-target campaigns to take Amazon advertising to an entirely new brand-building, revenue-boosting level, all while still lowering ACoS.

    Optimize Ads and Increase Your Revenue

    Manimal Number 2 Best Selling Wrist Wraps

    If you want to be successful on Amazon, you need to have a good PPC management strategy in place. Ready for some good news? We can help you with this! We provide full-service listing optimization and PPC campaign management that is proven to drive conversion. Let us tailor a plan for your unique needs. Book a call with us today!


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